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DeLixir Collagene+

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DeLixir Collagen + - functional drink, preserves youthful skin and joints.

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DeLixir Collagen+ + maintains youth in and out. Especially designed with collagen and hyaluronic acid makes the skin smooth, and the muscles and ligaments, supple. .

Collagen - is one of the structural proteins of the skin. It is a kind of frame that supports the skin and maintains its elasticity. Also, collagen is useful for the joints and the spine - it maintains the flexibility and elasticity of the bone. With age, the amount of collagen in the body decreases and the skin becomes flaky and the joints fragile. DeLixir Collagen + stabilizes the loss of collagen and restores youthfulness inside and out.
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  1. Preserves skin youthfulness, decreases age- related evidences
  2. Contains hyaluronic acid and amino acids
  3. Helps to preserve elasticity of ligaments, joints and tendons
  4. For those who want to preserve the inner and outer beauty
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