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DeLixir Multi-Energy

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DeLixir Multi-Energy –Functional drink enriched with essential vitamins and minerals.

€ 45

DeLixir Multi-Energy fills you with energy and vitality. A balanced balance of vitamins and trace elements eliminates fatigue and stress. Vitamins and minerals are vital to body function, It is likely that we will be tired more quickly, and may start with various health problems.Our body gets vitamins and minerals from food but modern processed foods contain very small amounts of these important substances. We restore lack of vitamins with the help of functional foods - for example, DeLixir Multi-Energy.
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  1. Vitamins and minerals give energy to the body
  2. Contains all the required vitamins and minerals, coenzyme Q10, selenium and lutein
  3. Relieves eyestrain and fatigue
  4. For those who want to live actively
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