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Device for express screening of a body's resources.

€ 980

DePuls+ – device for express screening of a body’s resources. The unit is a user- friendly device that can be used both in recreation centers and at home to estimate the state of the bodies of the whole family. Can be connected to almost any computer equipped with Windows operational systems.

DePuls+ +   Depuls+ displays results with the help of vivid visualization which is clear not only for physicians but also for ordinary people who take care of their health. The testing itself lasts not more than 5 minutes. Several profiles, to be used by different people, can be set-up for more effective estimation of a body’s health.
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  1. Shows the state of a body as per physiological and psycho-emotional
  2. Allows to monitor dynamics of a body state and effectiveness of the means of rehabilitation
  3. It includes recommendations for improving health status, including the use of DeVita devices and DeLixir products;
  4. The results of the express test can be printed or sent via email! Suitable for assessing the health of the whole family and for business development.
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