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Devita BRT

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The device endogenous bioresonance therapy

€ 1950

The device is easy to use and is designed for a wide range of users. To conduct a preventive session, simply press the "start" button and pick up the electrodes. Then everything happens automatically.

DeVita BRT is completely safe, because it works only with human's own electromagnetic oscillations. The device does not inhibit its own electromagnetic fluctuations of a human. Using the principle of inversion, the device promotes self-destruction of pathological oscillations.
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  1. The world's only portable device for endogenous bioresonance correction.
  2. It works only with its own electromagnetic oscillations of the body, without using any external energy.
  3. The device receives, amplifies, and inverts and returns back to man his own electromagnetic oscillations.
  4. In this process, the correction takes place directly under the influence, that is, "here and now."
  5. In inversion the pathological oscillations destroy themselves.
  6. Exposure promotes the elimination of toxins accumulated in the body.
  7. Physiological electromagnetic oscillations of the human body are not suppressed in the process of correction.
  8. As a result of correction there is an activation of protective forces of an organism.
  9. The most effective complex correction in the joint application of devices endogenous and exogenous direction.
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