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DeVita Energy

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Device that helps with struggle stress, awakening energy and improves the functions of the body

€ 287.5

DeVita Energy has incorporated the many years of experience and development of DEHolding's best professionals, combined within a program to the most effective frequency to counteract stress, stimulate and improve the body's performance.

When creating the DeVita Energy device & nbsp; & nbsp; the principle of 'floating frequencies' was used, which by definition is more normal and better accepted by the organism. 10 minutes - and you are full of energy and gentle positive energy. The small size allows you to take the device with you and use it in any situation.
100% quality guarantee
  1. Restores and strengthens physiological measurements;
  2. Relieves emotional stress;
  3. Εnergizes and starts the self-regulating function of the body;
  4. Protects against bio / geopathic factors
  5. Increases adaptive inventories, contributes to quick acclimatization.
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